This is just too good!
Don Sumners is so right about the things he loves and hates about working in our beloved online recruitment industry. His opinions tell me that, despite all cultural differences in (e-) recruiting, there are things that are the same everywhere.

These are my favourite positive and negative statements (I quote):

  • The alternative of working in print or normal account management or even worse, getting a proper job is deathly dull
  • Online works – so its great being judged by tangible results – generally speaking its not airy fairy and it delivers
  • Most importantly I can look at Cricinfo, Betfair, Popbitch, mediaguardian and people imagine i am working. What on earth did office workers do before the internet?

  • In terms of site build, social network programmes etc – there are so many things a client should/could do – that sometimes they do nothing. And yes i know that is our job to coax our clients along this path.
  • An industry that still has a high % of bullshit artists, and bullshit products that catch out the unwary clients and damage their views on the whole lot of us.
  • Its still the Wild West out there on pricing – absolutely all over the place. Hang on – i like that actually as it makes us look really good that we buy well and cut through the mess.