Since my active Italian language skills are rather poor, I prefer talking to my Italian job site contact persons in English. Apparently, some Italians do not like to admit that their English language skills are not up to scratch and, instead of asking me either to slow down or to explain again what I want, the situation can turn out like this:

Me: Hi, I just realised that the ad that you have published for my client X displays the logo of your client Y and bears the company and email address of our customer Z… Please use all the information, logo, links and addresses that are indicated in the documents that I have sent to you in my first email.
Italian Contact: Ok, it’s ok, no problem!
Me: (having the slight impression that my message has not gone through): Please modify the logo and the company and email address in the job ad for our client X. The details are incorrect. Please do that as soon as possible because candidates will start sending their applications to the wrong email address.
Italian Contact: Yes, ok, no problem, it’s ok.
Me: (still not really sure whether I made my point clear) Ok, please let me know as soon as you have made the modifications…
Italian Contact: Yes, ok, no problem, bye.
Me: (fearing the worst) Bye.

Three hours later, not having had any news from my Italian contact, I receive an application from an Italian person in my Outlook Inbox. I have a look at the vacancy on their job board and what do I see? The logo is correct, the address is alsmost correct, BUT: my email address is displayed…

After some more phone calls and, heavily insisting on what I want, the ad is online, after one more day, the way it is supposed to be. Hallelujah! Another language barrier has been overcome!

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