remuneration agencyI’d like to orient your reading to a few very interesting findings and discussions that are taking place in the US at the moment. Since the Internet in general works a lot on pay-per-click models, some of the recruiters would prefer to see job site pricing models that are entirely success-based. Of course, I don’t agree 😉

Please read yourself and share your opinion on this:

  • Results of Jim Stroud’s online survey on Job Boards and online recruitment
  • Why recruiters are abandoning the habitual pricing model
  • This is what I left as a comment on the second article mentioned above:

    I do not agree with some of the ideas mentioned in the article. I’m aware that the Internet gives recruiters, agencies and companies better possibilities and tools to track candidate behaviour than offline media (assuming that recruiters advertise in several print titles at once). And I’m aware that the Internet is mainly based on the number of visits per site, visibility in general and clicks on links.
    But I have never seen recruiters asking for a “success-based” pricing model for press recruitment advertising, and I’m sure that newspapers would never accept that. So why should online job boards do this? Compared to offline media, pay-to-post models are a lot cheaper and offer higher visibility among the target group. Of course, this can also mean that a number of unqualified applicants reply to a job role.
    To be honest, as I’m working for an HR communication agency that is online-oriented exclusively, I see many job ads that are rather badly written (by the way, most of the time the texts and layouts are taken from the press adverts, but this does not work the same way on the net) and I’m not surprised that they attract unsuitable candidates.
    As an agency consultant, I do not only recommend better targeted job titles, vacancy texts, etc but also the job sites that are best suited per position and per country. I know that the markets are very complex and that recruiters have lots of other things to do than research the best sites for their hiring needs. Be certain, there are suppliers who take care of that. And it is for that reason that I will stick to the pay-to-post model. This is also something I have been writing about recently.

    I’m looking forward to reading your comments on this.