My employers, Aktor Interactive, have recently published the 2008 edition of the International Job Board Market Report. More than 60 international job sites from 27 countries (25 EU members as well as Switzerland and Norway) are listed with recent facts and figures. As Aktor states, the new edition contains “regional editorials examining outlooks and trends from several guest authors and media partners”.

I have been one of the guest authors, and I’m pleased to have obtained the permission to post here what I have written for the report. Given the length of the article, I will publish it in two parts:

It’s a blogging world! and when working in the (on-line) recruitment industry, what could be more logical than starting a blog.

Everything and (almost) everyone can be found on the Internet and its little but fast-growing brother, the almighty Web 2.0. There are those who are looking for a job or for information concerning their job hunt; there are the passive candidates who stumble across an interesting vacancy during their daily web search; there are potential customers greedily absorbing news on service providers and/or ways to attract new staff.

Blogs therefore constitute an important channel to communicate on the Internet and to get information to the user. Serious authors update their blogs regularly and in their posts, they cover industry news peppered with relevant keywords. It is precisely for these reasons that Google likes blogs and thus, awards them good ratings and preferential places in search result lists.

Another advantage of blogs is that they permit discussion via the comment function. Thus, posts become livelier, entertaining and more animated.

The most active online recruitment blogging scene is to be found in North America and this region is setting the pace and defining most of the principles in online recruitment .This is only natural because the USA and Canada are dominating the industry when it comes to the technology (HR-XML, automatic posting tools, candidate management systems, online assessment tools, etc.) and due to the awareness of how efficient job boards, search engines and job referral sites are becoming. During the past few years, several social networks and industry-related information exchange platforms have been created. Among the most important networks in that respect are, and

The UK also proves a very prolific recruitment blogosphere. The whole recruiter scene constitutes a tightly knit network, in which recruiters, suppliers and information platforms like or work closely together.

France and Germany display rather smaller but regular blogging activities. Apart from these markets, some online recruitment blogs exist in the Netherlands, Belgium, Eastern Europe, Italy, Australia and Spain. Since the Internet and the industry are very dynamic, it is only to be expected that the number of business blogs will increase.

In the international recruiting blogosphere, five types of blogs can be distinguished:
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The paper edition (150 pages, EN) is available at (250,00 € prepayment)

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