Imagine there is a tool that allows you to scan your job ad copy and tells you if the ad will perform well.

Well, there is one like that, called Textio, based in Seattle, and it just raised 8 mio USD. It was founded only last year.

It will run your text against other job ads in your industry and will come up with a score and suggestions to improve.

Here’s more info on what they do:

“The Seattle company develops a machine-learning program that reads through job postings and recruiting emails to help businesses be more effective in attracting candidates.”

It also helps improve your job ad copy to eliminate gender bias.
It is mainly for that reason, that many large high tech companies such as Twitter or Microsoft and large corporations like Starbucks or Reuters use it.

Their tool also has a collaborative approach so that you can share job ad texts and candidate email templates with your recruiting team and work on them together.

I like the idea, however, I wonder where they got all the data about successful hires from to establish the algorithm.