Nice one, the HR Tech Startups have started swallowing each other. The latest Startup buys Startup acquisition is made by Greenhouse, who have raised more than 40 Million USD alone this year and 60 Mio since their launch.

Greenhouse has bought Onboarding Software Provider Parkelt in, “a multi-million” transaction.

TechCrunch also has this:
“Most of Greenhouse’s competitors like Lever, Gild, or Jobvite stop short of onboarding. Teaming up with Parklet will put Greenhouse in contention with a new set of foes, including Zenefits — a well-known unicorn. Battling bigger rivals could convince people that the talent wars will mint a unicorn in the recruitment space, and Greenhouse is in the lead.”

They call Greenhouse a “Soonicorn” – I love all these neologies. Let’s hope they all translate into better and smoother HR Tech for everyone.