Yes, ok, the Quiz was not easy to solve (the place where the job board name is mentioned is encircled in red) given that the image quality was not perfect. I had sized it down to fit into the blog post and the text was hard to read. However, Isabelle managed to find the answer: it is the Asian-Pacific job site group Congrats! Her reward will be a lifelong administrator access to my blogs 😉 and a nice Cherry beer over at the 3 Brasseurs restaurant.

Apart from that, the battle goes on :-) in the discussion about pricing models for online job portals. Rafael Cosentino’s post on Jim Stroud’s blog, Pay-to-Post versus Pay-for-Performance appears inconclusive to me (as I have stated in a comment to the post). He has answered my comment, but this doesn’t really answer my questions. Unfortunately he hasn’t revealed if the realmatch business model is profitable either.

I have had a look at realmatch. Before I can have a closer look at its functionalities or job ads I have to register and upload a CV. Don’t like that. And anyway, am I looking for a new job? Hm, if the pay-per-click or pay-for-performance pricing model ends up being adopted everywhere in the online recruitment world, I might have to consider changing jobs…. 😉