job site french

As you can see from the snippet, a French-speaking site is looked for this time. You will need some language skills (or the help of an Online dictionary) in order to find the solution. The text in the image will not be helpful (I double-checked in Google ;-), you will have to look more closely at the picture.

What is the name of the job board, and for which country is it operating?

This week’s prize was supposed to be something very nice I had ordered on the Internet. But since this incompetent shipping service GLS is incapable to deliver (they cannot find my parcel anymore), I will have to see what I can do until next week.

Anyway, in the solution post, I will carry out a Job Board Check and will let you know my analysis.

Have a nice weekend.

Update: the very kind internet shop, where I had ordered the objects, will send a new delivery. That’s really cool. Let’s hope it works this time.