Today’s quiz solution post will be a bit shorter than originally intended (too much things to do: work-wise – customers are getting very active (good!!!) and I’m covering for my British colleague Tim who is on holiday (have fun) – and project-wise: some SEO for my blog and a gadget that we are going to release on the net soon (or so I hope)).

The correct anwser was Thanks to the first paragraph on their homepage, I learnt a lot about Canada’s major job board players. And here they are:

I admit, to find the right job shop URL was not an easy task (sorry). Try this really simple web address and you will see:

By the way, Regionalhelpwanted does not only host job boards, but also a dating site. Nice mix: find a new job, find new love (or vice versa). The whole network has been acquired by OnTargetJobs in February 2008.

Among the replies to the riddle, there were two correct answers. The raffle decided that Stefan Noa won Aktor’s international market report 2007. Congratulations!