One of Lyon’s advantages is that the city is – strategically speaking – well situated: within the range of 2 hours (by train), you can make it to Paris, Montpellier, Geneva or the Alps in general.
This is extremely handy for business trips in France and since my employer, Aktor Interactive, has been a bit re-organised (don’t worry, the service is still the same), I have been put in charge of some of our French accounts. Thanks to this, my job board market knowledge for France will not only be put into mre practise, but it will also strengthen even more. And, of course, my blog readers will be among the first to benefit from this as well.

So tomorrow I will be leaving for Paris to meet a few clients. In two weeks time, we will be on a big tour through Germany in order to meet up with clients in Aachen, Frankfurt, Mainz, Stuttgart and Munich. If you wish to meet us on the way, please let me know by email or telephone :-)

Anyway, I’m afraid that I will not be able to blog a lot during the next days. But I will share some of the information and news I will be gathering on my way.

Have a nice week!