I just read on Joel Cheesman’s Blog that Monster Worldwide is going to dismiss 800 employees globally. This is supposed to be part of Monster’s innovative restructuring strategy, a plan “that will drive innovation, strengthen [their] leadership position and empower [their employees] to reach [their] potential.” That’s great!

In a letter to Monster customers (also on Joel’s blog) I could not find any hint as to the 800 dismissals (which corresponds, after all, to 16% of the number of global Monster employees). Instead, Monster presents their aims: to remain number 1 and to build up a stronger market presence.

Actually I think it is a good idea of Monster not to mention any dismissals at this point: Their service is already lacking in quality and efficiency with all 5.000 employees on board. So what will their service be like when 800 people have been sacked?

Here an example of Monster’s current “efficiency”: when Monster has a server update in Germany, job ads that are supposed to be online go offline randomly; ads that have been deactivated go back online. The double posting process on Jobpilot.de does not always work out well and very often a simple posting requires more than 72 working hours.

And why is Monster seeking stronger market presence? They are everywhere. In France, for example, the 2006 marketing budget was fixed so high that they hardly earned anything.

I’m curious to see what happens next.

More info on the subject?