As promised in last time’s quiz post, I will not only give the name of the winner (Thomas Luk from MyjobNextdoor – Congrats!) but also a little anecdote about the site I had been looking for.

JobKorea had been acquired in October 2005 by Monster Worldwide. For that reason, I would think job posting on that site can be made via a local Monster branch (Germany, in my case).

At the end of April this year, I had first been in direct contact with the job site, which went pretty well. When the ad was finally booked by the final client this October, I tried in vain to get in touch with them again. No one answered when I dialled the telephone number indicated on their site for overseas employers and all my emails came back to me marked as SPAM. In the end, I contacted Monster Germany so they take care of it but I learned, after several days of in-house-research, that they were not able to get in touch with their own site, either…

So I kept trying and after a few days, I managed to reach somebody by telephone. The lady at the other end of the line told me that our previous contact person had left the company and that she would help me now. However, communication was complicated given that neither of our emails was delivered to the other. We ended up faxing documents and using my personal email address. This worked out quite well.

After having transmitted payment details (for upfront payment), a copy of the agency licence and having solved some other, minor issues, the position went live with a delay of two weeks – with the company name of the posting agency instead of the final client’s name… Since the job role was supposed to be online for 7 days only, the final client decided to leave it that way in order not to lose more time.

Conclusion: there’s nothing like doing it yourself 😉