Germany represents a rather thrilling online recruitment and job portals market and as a German native, having worked in the international job board industry for almost 10 years now, I have seen many players come and go. In the past (2008) I wasn’t a fan of job aggregators or pay-per-click models as I criticized a lack of accuracy and quality. For me, job search engines were nothing but Google-optimised portals that dealt with (mostly) outdated links and deprecated job content.

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Things have changed and I have taken a closer look at six of Germany’s major job aggregators. I have compiled the results in a report of 15 pages which I have made available as a free PDF download after subsription to my mailing list here.

Key findings
One of the most interesting findings: national German job search engines have adopted a different revenue model than international counterparts. Apart from that, the report covers relevant traffic data and marketing plans for 2014.

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