One of my most frequently read blog posts on is the one about the Top 40 Dutch job boards. It dates from 2008, and I have added a few updates since then.

The international interest in this topic gave me the idea to create a specific report on the current Top 5 Dutch job sites. It is available in English now.

The Dutch job board market
is one of the most complex in Europe, even in the world. People from the Netherlands are very well connected and strong users of the Internet. The job site market is relatively small but recruiters have to know where and how they invest their money to attract talent from this country.

What is the perfect recruitment sites mix?
i-like-jobboards-articleHR professionals who are looking for staff internationally might tend to use job boards they know “from home”. Sometimes (and more often than you think) these sites do not perform the same way in another country. A local player might deliver better results or there is a niche player that does the trick even better than the global ones. The important thing is to identify the spot(s) in which the target group likes to be.

For this reason I have decided to publish the survey on the Top 5 Dutch job sites. I have been working since 2004 on the international job boards market and have shared my recommendations with my job posting clients exclusively. Now I am making some of my knowledge accessible to a larger audience.

The report’s target readership
includes companies that hire staff in or from the Netherlands such as direct recruiters, recruitment agencies or headhunters. Job board owners will also find valuable information in the report and will be able to gain insights into a fascinating market, their leaders and revenue models.

Contents and Booking details
The report is available as a PDF copy in English (28 pages) for EUR 279.00 excl. of VAT.

Download Preview:
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Contents are:

  • Introduction to the country’s demographics
  • The state of their current employment market
  • Internet and Social Media usage
  • Overview of the Dutch Online Recruitment Market
  • Detailed presentation of the Top 5 job boards (history, development, media data, pricing and products, comparisons, evaluation and recommendation)
  • Comprehensive list of further relevant job portals
  • Table of the Top 5’s most important media data
  • Link Bibliography

I will send the PDF report by email after reception of the filled-in order form (available here) and a 30% advance payment (on pro-forma invoice).

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.