Did you know that Denmark was the leading country when it comes to Employer Branding? According to a recently released market report from Berlin-based company index, 25 per cent of Danish employers have defined a dedicated employer branding strategy. In Germany, this figure is at 20 per cent, a little above the European average of 17 per cent.

This is index’ first market report to cover 7 European countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and France. More than 2,240 participants have answered the questions, the majority located in Switzerland (587), Germany (548) and Belgium (344). For almost half of all respondents, recruitment is a vital element for their company’s success throughout the next year. However, HR marketing is hardly considered relevant in the 7 countries: about 25 per cent think that HR marketing is of strategic importance.

Recruitment and HR marketing budgets are not very high in Europe, most of it is spent for posting jobs (on- and offline) and headhunters. Since there is rather little strategic approach to HR marketing and employer branding in general, budgets are rarely fixed in advance. They are allocated and granted “on-the-go” as soon as there are roles to fill. Only 27 per cent of the polled indicated they determined mid- and long-term HR budgets.

The strange thing is that social recruiting has almost no significance in the 7 countries’ HR departments: XING is used in Germany, LinkedIn in the other countries. Twitter has barely any relevance at all.

The results for Germany can be downloaded for free here (PDF in German).

The whole study can be purchased at index (contact: Sascha Neter) for € 490.

Infographic below with courtesy of index – Question: Is there a defined employer brand in your company?

Is there a defined employer brand in your company?

Is there a defined employer brand in your company?