Given that the War for Talents is ravaging our countries, I thought it would be a good idea to comment on some interesting sites that help you find graduates in Germany.

  • Campus Career Network (CCN): This young agency based close to Stuttgart are doing their job really well. They are proposing graduate recruiting services, direct search, job postings, candidate emailings, contact to colleges and they have been planning and carrying out the CampusTour for the past two years. During this roadshow, more than 80 universities across the country are visited by the promoters in order to attract students for interesting companies. The data that is collected during the tours are up-to-date. For example, if you send an emailing to a specific target group, the response rate can be up to 20 percent (we tried it ourselves, and it was amazing). Furthermore, CCN is conducting annual studies on graduate recruitment trends. The results are laid down in their paper, which is available in German.
  • Spirofrog: Funny name, very young start-up (september 2007) that targets students from Switzerland, Austria and Germany and that has a worldwide approach (I like international stuff!). The portal has recently been awarded a price for innovative services. Companies have the possibilty to post vacancies by means of a flat-rate (795 Euro for 12 months). Does that mean that their ad servers will be spammed with positions coming from one big firm only (which is really boring)? Thomas Schulze, founder of Spirofrog says that this would never happen because all job roles were inserted manually.
    The thing that is not handy: in order to view a vacancy, you have to be registered and logged on. Don’t like that.
  • Absolventa: Another, very recent, start-up. I am a bit sceptical about their concept since part of their slogan says something like: Companies will send their application to hire you. Which recruiter likes the idea that nowadays the candidates have all the power to choose their future employer (even if this going go be the truth for some sectors)? Apart from that, the image on the homepage gives the impression that applicants can lie back and just wait for job offers falling from the blue sky. Where is the motivation for candidates to actually show some effort both in the application process and at work in general?
    But it seems that the guys and gals over at Absolventa really want to make this thing work: I regularly receive press releases, they will have their own booth at the DGFP congress (German Association for Personnel Management) in June and I am perceiving the first positive statements concerning the quality of the CV/ resume database.