Just read on the indeed Blog:

“In February, Indeed will augment existing search quality programs with new, ongoing strategies to make sure all jobs on Indeed meet standards for quality. This effort will include a large scale review of job listings. Jobs that violate our guidelines will be subject to a number of actions, including removal from Indeed search results. What Is a High-Quality Job?”

That’s an excellent question, and I wonder how indeed will actually be going about to check on several of their “high-quality job” standards they are asking for, such as

  • “Use Indeed to fill a job, not a pipeline” – how will they discern the vacancies from postings to collect a high number of resumés?
  • “Pay reliably and fairly.” – while the indication of salaries might be obligatory in some countries, there are others where this is not the case. How will indeed know if the salary is fair?
  • “Make application accessible and transparent.” – same question here: How do they check this?
  • “Treat candidates with respect.” – and same here. How would indeed be watching?

Anyway, indeed seems to want to increase the candidate experience not only on their job portal but also on the company’s career site.

If the required conditions are not met, indeed might remove job postings from their organic listings – which really makes a great opportunity to call the companies and suggest them not only improved job ad copy but also a paid listing.

While I think that the guidelines and requirements for high-quality job ads is a good idea, I am not sure on how indeed is going to verify all the different points with a bunch of algorithms.

Some of the do’s and don’ts just read like a very general statement that can be interpreted at someone’s free will.

To be honest, I don’t know what the point really is here.

How about you?