The French job search engine Moovement has recently launched the software “JobBoard“: Thanks to this, small- and middle-sized companies have the possibility to have their own HR and job site created for a monthly fee that varies from 49 to 99 euros.
At the beginning, when I had read the article on Jobetic, I thought, „A really good idea. The guys (and girls, if there are any?) over at Moovement really know how to take advantage of a market gap!“. Given the fact that the hiring needs of smaller companies represent 50 percent of the all-France recruitment ad volume, the generated turnover with a product like JobBoard will be really sweet.

However, when I took a closer look, I did not like that

  • the site URLs were not branded with the company’s name only. Each domain name imperatively contains the ending
  • the system basically relies on a blog software (Example)
  • from this point of view, the created HR site is thus quite expensive in the end
  • the whole thing is outsourced from the original web presence and that the design does not correspond to the Corporate Identity

Conclusion: if companies are looking for an easy, uncomplicated, fast way to create a job board (which will be entirely for free), why not create an account on WordPress or Blogger and post for themselves? All updates will be taken into account by the service providers and jobs can be posted without practically any HTML skills. Those who wish to publish in their CI should look for a web designer.

What else is going on in the French online recruitment market? Cadremploi have re-vamped their site (at last!!!). The old design (thumbnail on your left) was lamentable and I always felt embarrassed when I showed my international clients what one of the French big players looked like… Now I like it much better.

BUT, but, but, to my (and many clients’) distress, they haven’t re-thought or modified their posting system: there is still a limitation in the number of characters per vacancy text (2,500 for the whole job description), job titles must not exceed 50 characters, the size of the inserted logos has to correspond exactly to their standards (otherwise the system will reject them). I hope that this will be improved in the near future.

Apart from that, carriereonline, the portal from the classified newspaper ParuVendu, have re-designed their layout as well. Blue seems to be the trendy summer colour of French job sites this year. Very fancy.

And, last but not least, I have come across a new HR information site: There I learnt, that the French job board association APPEI have launched their own job search engine (what a poor name… ;-). I will have a look at that another time.