German article version: online-recruiting-german

As announced last Friday, I will post the name, URL and country of the job site looked for in the quiz: It is the Dutch (click on the image for full view). Congratulations to Kees Rozemeijer from who had sent the correct answer.

Here’s the anecdote about the job board, which I had promised on Friday in case the solution was found:

We had entrusted our customer service representative from nationalevacaturebank to post a vacancy for one of our clients. Usually, job roles are published as text and company logo adverts. Since our Dutch contact obviously thought that this looked a bit boring, he accessed the final client’s website, downloaded a few photos (the firm is a jeans manufacturer so you can imagine that he found some very nice pictures…) and inserted them into the job posting (I knew that there were more posting options than a simple text+logo variant…).

We had to call him up and tell him something about corporate image rights, etc. and to remove these images before the final customer could possibly see them. Lucky for us, we had seen it on time and had complained immediately: it had been Friday afternoon, just before office closing hours…

The worst thing is that this had happened already once before during the same week and that we had already told him to stop that. Funny guy, and, yeah, I think he’s trying to date our intern. Good luck, man 😉