take the quiz - which site is that image bit from?Last week’s quiz made some buzz and got me some nice and hilarious reactions. So I decided to make it a regular thing on this blog, both on the English and the German version.

So this is how it goes: I will post a snippet (image on your right) of an international job board and you tell me the name and the URL of the site as well as the country for which it is operating. Which one is it here?

For this time, if somebody finds the correct answer, I will tell a fun story about the site.
Today’s career portal is an easy one to start with. Next week will be harder. Excluded from participation are employees of the board in question and my colleagues. I will collect the correct replies (or comments) and will publish them from next Wednesday, where I will reveal the solution. Of course, I will post the wrong answers immediately, giving you the possibility to narrow down your choice.

Have fun doing research and please leave your replies and comments below! Have a nice weekend, too!