ratespiel-karriereportalOk, this week will be harder than last Friday’s quiz. Which career portal homepage is that piece of image from? Please mention the URL and country, the site is operating for.

The rules are still the same. Since the site is rather difficult to find, there will be an incentive for those who play and who send the correct answer (either by leaving a comment below, which will be published next Wednesday or drop me an email: they will participate in a raffle and can win a free banner ad (150 x 150 Pixel placed in the upper part of the left sidebar) for their company, job board, etc. on this blog for one week.

Last call for replies is Wednesday morning, 10 o’clock (currently UTC +2 or CEST). Have a good job site web search and have a nice weekend.

Update: Still not found? Look at the image. What do the red round things remind you of? And in which country, apart from the UK, the US, Ireland and Australia, a good deal of English is spoken?