While LinkedIn and XING have had their share of news during the past week, there are some more news from France’s biggest business community platform Viadeo that date from August.

Back then, the Spanish social network ICTnet has been bought in order to strengthen its international reach. Already in February, the Chinese site Tianji had been acquired. Tianji stands for “worldly connections”. An English description of the site can be found here.

(Via: ExclusiveRH)

Apart from that, Monster France has signed an exclusive deal with the French Yahoo! site. Yahoo! visitors can now benefit from the Monster employment services. And this is what it looks like: http://yahoo.monster.fr/

Nice, but I wonder why the American Yahoo! Hotjobs did not set something up in France of their own. Thanks to the Network, Hotjobs has a pretty good coverage in France: there are Keljob.com and cadremploi as part of Adenclassifieds. Maybe Hotjobs missed their chance? Or did the Yahoo! France target group not match their strategy?

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