Today, at last, there will be another job site quiz. The solution of last time’s edition was, one of the leading job boards in Romania. The winner is Jeannette-Freya Enders, one of the authors of the Germany-based Bewerberblog. She has received her Online-Recruiting mug during the past week since I (eventually) sent most of the won prizes during my long, past weekend in Germany.

I find that sending parcels in Germany is much more complicated and time-consuming than in France: the French post office obliges the sender to use (and buy!!!) specific packaging for parcels, queuing at the post office is tedious and it makes me angry because there is always that someone who tries to cheat in the queue line in order to get to the counter before anyone else – but they never succeed with me ;-).

Back to this week’s quiz that leads us straight into Asia. What is the name and URL of the job site in question? I had to delete some part of the logo, otherwise it would have given the whole name away. Next time, when I present the solution, I will provide a little anecdote about the site.

So, have a good guess, work well and have a great weekend!