To be honest, I am not sure what to think about this: Disneyland Paris will be recruiting 80 candidates for their service sector (animation, receptionist, waiters, etc.) and is offering them permanent part-time contracts. In order to attract their target group (18 – 35 year-olds), their HR department proposes them a ride on the ID TGV (night train) on January 30th where they can party and meet recruiters.

The thing is that interested applicants will have to pay their train ticket themselves (15 Euros according to the ID TGV site). Certainly, that’s a very good price, but nevertheless, I think that’s a bit bold to make potential candidates pay out of their own pocket – what do you think?

The whole event, says Jean-Noel Thiollier, Disneyland’s Recruitment Head, costs only 5,000 Euros. Not bad at all!

However, even if this is a very innovative idea to get into contact with candidates and even if this seems to be in line with a basically American company, I find that this is a rather cheap way (and here I’m not only referring to the costs involved in the project) to hire people.