While the US-Americans talk about Recruiting 3.0 in terms of hiring via podcasts, videos and other new technology, the German careerbuilders have only recently started marketing their own “version” of this phenomenon: job seekers upload their CV without having to register and receive matching jobs via email. Wow, that’s innovative. The funny thing is that this doesn’t work at all as Marcus Tandler repeatedly states on his JOBlog (posts in German). Anyway, careerbuilder is not successful in Germany because they had a very poor launch last year (they actually had copied existing job roles from other job boards and had posted them on their site – ingenious!).

And since we are talking about job seekers, (future) employees and HR marketing, let’s have look at the video Burger King has created in order to motivate their staff to excel in their work (via Moovement Blog). Those who have done good work will be able to enter into the Burger Kingdom: Flying burgers, a walking roast spit and a piece of meat (?) that is grilled by a dragon’s fire breath. What nonsense.

German article version here: Artikel auf deutsch

Burger King The Kingdom from ULURU Amsterdam on Vimeo.