arbita_logoI met Don Ramer in person three years ago, when I had held a presentation on international online recruitment on the ONREC conference in London. During the show, we discussed business-related matters as well as ideas about world peace! And this is exactly what I like in Don’s attitude: he has a very strong, customer- and business-focused approach to the industry (the development of Arbita in the past 3 years is just amazing and very intelligently crafted) while he is demonstrating human and philosophical ethics towards his company, clients, employees and life in general.

So I very much enjoyed yesterday’s telephone conversation with him where we caught up about last year’s events on both sides. For example, Arbita have launched a free version of their multiple posting software OnePost, thanks to which, customers and not(-yet) customers can publish their roles on selected job boards.

Apart from that, ATS is explored more thoroughly, SEO and SEM consultants recommend online HR strategies, there is a recruiter education workshop service and so on.

Another very interesting aspect is that Arbita also relies on consultants outside the company thanks to the so-called Advisory Board providing their customers with professional advice to a max.

I am always amazed to see how online recruitment evolves in the United States because I think they are really setting the standards (and the pace!) in the field. After the call I felt that European job sites and online HR in general still have a lot to learn. I think that the most important thing is to have a vision and to pursue a strategy that is customer- and performance focused.