Last week the trade show “Zukunft Personal” took place in Cologne, one of the must-be events in and for German (online) recruitment. Every year around the same time, the whole branch is up and running. Every self-respected HR service provider showcases their latest news and products there. Awards are given away for the best performing job boards, results are presented for various surveys, last battles for HR innovation projects are carried out live on stage, others relaunch their website or their recruiter tool.

All in all, it is a great event which gives me the opportunity to catch up and meet with a maximum of people I already know or whom I haven’t met yet personally. So I also attended the broadbean presentation on the last day of the show. Maybe the timing for the presentation was a bit unfortunate since it was given at the end of German lunch hours, and very often there are less visitors on the third day. Or rather, strategic online recruitment metrics and ROI, cost per hire, time to hire, etc., are terms that do not really speak to the “standard” German recruiter. Which is even more unfortunate for both service providers and HR professionals. Hence, the audience was very small.

But they were really missing a great show. Usually, most of the Zukunft Personal presentations are held like lectures and are quite boring – despite the subjects being often interesting.
The Broadbean crew did a great job with their presentation, and it appeared to me that they must have done some serious digging into the background of a “standard” German recruiter: they did not overburden the audience with too many details or too much “lingo”. Personally, I had hoped to get more insights into their tool and metrics, but I do understand that they had to go with the flow.

The speakers – there were two of them, Clair Bush and Severin Wilson (he launched the German operations for Careerbuilder) – set the scene for their content, they had some role play during which “the recruiter” was complaining about too much work to do and had no insights into the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts. Of course, broadbean had the ideal solution: their posting tool.

The interactivity between the two speakers was great, the presentation was lively. At one point I thought the whole stage-setting to place the sales pitch was a bit long. I am going to see more of the inside of the tool soon and will share the info here.

In the meantime, there is still “a hell of a lot” of work to do to enlighten the majority of German recruiters who have not seen the benefits of adavanced recruitment technology and metrics. Today, they are still be happy with the number of views/clicks on their job posting on any given job site and with questionable results from not so representative job board surveys.