There are actually people out there who believe that job boards are dying dead – fortunately there are others who refute them. And while the above linked posts are all from late 2011, as of today, September 2013, job sites are still around. Yep, didn’t die yet. Still around and stronger than ever. What is more, they are rather looking into re-rising from the untruly supposedly dead. Jesus Christ!

The job boards’ alleged fatal enemy is/are social media. I have heard what feels like a thousand times that social media are the salvation for the recruiter because job boards do not deliver any results. Huh, not true. In reports I have read another thousand times that most hires (at least in Europe, the US may well be ahead on us) were generated from job postings on job boards or LinkedIn – and XING-jobs, which, for that matter, are considered job boards as well. When you ask HR marketers and recruiters, how social media are performing hire-wise, there is crying silence.

So recently, when I was working on a social media strategy for one of my clients, I looked into 13 job board social media presences from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The results are telling… or not… or disappointing or, surprising. The job sites I chose were mainly generalist ones, taken from the above mentioned lists (click on either of the country names and you will find a job board list). I also picked a few specialised sites that were interesting for their social media usage.

So here are the results as an infographic indicating the popularity of certain social networks among 13 German-speaking job boards (surveyed in mid-July 2013):


And here are the results with some more commenting:

  • Practically all screened job boards have profiles/pages/accounts on Facebook, Twitter and XING
  • Most Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are used to distribute content generated by the job board itself – e.g. blog posts, forum discussions
  • The majority of the job boards’ social media presences is destined for candidates and job seekers
  • 8 out of 12 of the job site XING company profiles are “basic” (free version). None has more than 250 followers – the majority has between 6 and 86 followers
  • The average fan growth per day on Facebook lies between 5-10 new “likes”
  • Google+ Pages usually host the same stuff as Facebook Pages but some of the Google+ presences have been neglected lately
  • Fan engagement is aside from some exceptions low on Facebook.
  • There are a few LinkedIn company pages – but hardly any content in those.
  • Hosting a YouTube channel is quite popular with job boards, alas, only 4 out of 11 are up and running. The others haven’t posted any videos for months or years.
  • But the worst is: linking from the job board’s homepage to their social media profiles is hardly covered at all. Some boards hide their presences very well, others only link towards 2 or 3 profiles while having 5 or 6. There are actually 3 out of 13 who do not have links to their social media presences at all.

These results lead to the following assumptions – feel free to add yours in the comments:

  • Most job boards do not have a dedicated social media strategy – those who do, have developed their strategy inhouse (there’s one job board that works with a professional social media agency) – both ways work fine. These sites have engaging profiles and active fans.
  • Job Boards do not see any added value in social media marketing – what a mistake!
  • However, it might be “easier” to build a community for a specialised/niche site since topics can circle around this niche.
  • Job Boards do not have any social media marketing budget (I think that one’s true!)
  • Content is poor – job boards seem to see social media as a one-way-content-distribution channel. Not really a dialogue. A pity.

For further reading on scoial media recruitment from the recruiter’s point of view, please have a look at my Social Media Recruiting Reports from 2011 and 2012 for Germany and Switzerland on my other blog (reports are available in German and French).

If you wish to receive the full results, name of the job boards and detailed insights, please contact me for price information.