Ah, I knew it: banner advertising on the Internet is neiter out-of-date nor inefficient. According to emarketer, that conducted a six-month research in the US among more than 1,500 users,

  • 31 per cent actually clicked on the display ad (which is in itself a very strong figure)
  • 27 per cent made a search on search engines in order to find out more about the advertising company
  • 21 per cent typed the URL indicated in the banner into the address bar of their browsers
  • 9 per cent made some profound research by investigating social networks, forum discussion, etc.
  • 13 per cent did not react at all or had not perceived the commercial.

So, these are good news for savvy employer branding and HR communication campaigns! Even if the data has been collected in the USA exclusively and has been financed by an SEO and SEM specialst, the results speak for themselves and are relevant – to a more or less big extent – for other countries.

A more detailed report and some discussion can be fiound here.