This article in German.

I’m back from my holidays, sitting at my desk and I had a look around the international online recruitment and job board scene. As for Germany, there have not taken place many interesting things (I guess that last Sunday’s regional election in Bavaria and its aftermath rocked much more 😉 ). There was an article from Gerhard Kenks Crosswater Systems Job site information portal that caught my attention. It said that job search engines were getting bigger and bigger – at least when it comes to the number of job ads available on them. I’m not a big fan of these kind of job aggregators, which can easily be found out when reading all the comments on my German article about Gigajob in July. I will discuss this in detail in a separate post.

In the UK and the US, the several I-Phone and Facebook applications have been discussed on various blogs *yawn*.

And in France, I read that the job board made by the French (online and offline) classified specialist ParuVendu, OptionCarrière, have launched a new portal,, that allows you to tease your friends. Absolutely useless in my opinion, but judge for yourself: users register and log on the site, they upload their friend’s photo, fill in a data sheet and they tick the option where they would like to have their pal’s picture displayed: on a bus, in the street, in the underground… The particular friend will then receive an email with a link towards an article saying that their face had been seen in context with a specific job search marketing campaign.

I’m not sure I would appreciate the fact that some of my friends use my photo on the internet for this purpose. What is the aim of the site anyway apart from annoying one’s friends? I think this kind of approach for a “job search” is tasteless. But apparently most of the French think differently about this. The site ExclusiveRH speaks about the most successful marketing gag of a French job site since the countrywide holidays are over. Well, just another cultural difference.

And speaking of differences: tonight there’s the Champions League match between Bayern München and Olympique Lyon and I still don’t know which team I am going to support….