I’m preparing a media campaign, mainly based on German job boards, for one of my customers. It will start this September through to February 2009. We have been carrying out media planning for this particular client for the last three years and I took the time to interpret some of the data we have collected during the past five months.

My customer is regularly recruiting graduates with an economic and legal university background for their trainee program in the financial services sector. The roles are available for several different work locations throughout Germany. Apart from scheduled job postings on the most relevant career portals, additional HR advertising such as banners, buttons and special highlighting of the vacant positions has been used.

The discussed data has been collected via the software tool JobStats and here are some of my interpretations:

  • Three out of the five German Top5 job boards reveal a significant raise in the number of views in the March and April postings whereas Jobware shows stable figures for each publication. JobScout24 and FAZjob do also have stable view numbers but they are very low and the results are rather disappointing.
  • All of the additional communication measures (best jobs, top jobs, logo publications on homepages) did not generate much extra traffic on the job advertisements. However, the primary purpose of these more visual employer branding methods like banners, etc lies exactly in the fact to be seen rather than to provoke immediate applicant action.

Please find a diagram below to illustrate my analysis.