Great post, and – at last – one of the “X predictions for 2016” articles that is really worth reading because it is filled with common HR sense.

Read David Green’s 10 predictions for HR in 2016 on the follwing topics:

1. People Analytics goes into orbit
2. HR embraces and Open Source approach (#HROS)
3. HR starts to destroy bureaucracy (my addition: I really like that one!)
4. Organisation charts begin to disappear
5. The eradication of the Annual Performance Review continues
6. The Annual Employee Engagement Survey to marginalised even more
7. Anyone mentioning the “War for Talent” is replaced by a robot (my addition: really like this one, too – will never mention it again in my copy!!!)
8. Someone (anyone) gives LinkedIn a run for its money (my addition -> don’t know, who?)
9. The Joker (my addition: fun to read anyway)
10. HR as agent of Change (my addition: most true, the only ones to really be able to drive change.)

So go on read the whole post over at the HR Tech Europe Blog: